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Paint It Yourself

Despite newest miniBB version is designed with a branding feeling for big communities, it still keeps the possibility of being relatively small on the screen. That way it can fit into your current website perfectly. Check examples of some miniBB design works under miniBB Gallery and you'll understand how it could be possible.

Try now the following miniBB layout modes:

miniBB Mobile This skin contains many functions switched off, but at the time it's ultra fast for any modern mobile phone to browse topics and make new posts. Private Messaging extension is also possible to use.
Basic In the very ancient times, miniBB was Blue. It was the time when the product riched its popularity; following historical tradition, you can check how it looks in Blue by now. This skin has the old-school "top-to-bottom" layout, which can be changed in miniBB by modifying just one letter in the options file.
Default Switch back to the Default when you are tired of all of this stuff above.
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