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#1 · Posted: 3 Feb 2013 18:06 · Edited by: qwerty 
Lorem ipsum dolor...
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#2 · Posted: 11 Feb 2013 22:24 

Author qwerty


#3 · Posted: 12 Feb 2013 10:31 
Negaliu ikelti savo nuotraukos
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#4 · Posted: 12 Feb 2013 13:20 
įkelti smegenis

Author shokry
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#5 · Posted: 13 Feb 2013 19:36 

Author iloveyou0946
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#6 · Posted: 23 Feb 2013 10:47 
Post is very good, the building Lord come on

Author coco

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#7 · Posted: 23 Feb 2013 12:47 
Affluence means influence.

Author hzxalice7
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#8 · Posted: 11 Mar 2013 11:48 
After the representatives listen to the speech, yu made a speech. He pointed out that gansu province in recent years based on the situation, seize opportunities, speed up the development of all aspects of work have achieved remarkable results. Yu zhengsheng stressed, is our party's ideological line of seeking truth from facts. We thought that the question, do things, must from set out actually, not to mention the unrealistic slogans and requirements, do not make unrealistic promises. Rush is one of the main reason for the big mistake in history, and also a important thought factors of many problems. Gansu province is located in the northwest, compared with the eastern coastal region, considering the difficult economic and social development, the pressure is big. Gansu's development to set out actually from oneself, to seek for your road of development, not follow suit, do not compare, do not be impatient, lies in the improvement of infrastructure and the improvement of human resources, with the improvement of people's living level and quality for the final inspection standard, under the big strength transformation of the mode of economic development and vigorously ensuring and improving people's livelihood, basic work earnestly, to speed up the construction of economic development, ecological reconstruction, national unity, social harmony happiness new gansu, efforts to work together with the national construction a well-off society in an all-round way.
Comrade wang, said yu has been very care about the development of gansu, especially on how to pay special attention to the economic and social development and maintain stability of the Tibetan many clear request, made a series of important instructions, pointed out the direction of the do a good job for us. Comrade yu to GanSuTuan today to hear speech made important speech, we are very inspiring. Comrade yu on how to correctly understand the unbalanced regional, urban and rural development, how to insist on seeking truth from facts, from set out actually, gansu province, to pay special attention to the construction and development, maintain social stability, achieve peace and stability of the Tibetan work put forward specific requirements, such as thoughtful, specific, guidance and practicality is very strong, we must carry out. Comrade wang said that the implementation of the yu zhengsheng speech spirit, further completes the work in gansu, there must be a global concept, solved three aspects problems: one is in the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way proceed from actual and not dragging the hind legs; Second, as a multi-ethnic province, in maintaining social stability is not messed up throughout the country; Third, as the national ecological security barrier, to make contributions to the country to strengthen ecological construction. We must closely combining the reality of gansu, the practical implementation of the national annual spirit is good, with tangible actions and results returns the ardent expectations of the party central committee and the central leadership.
LiuWeiPing said, the implementation of the national annual spirit, crucially, to xi jinping, former general secretary of the Spring Festival when inspecting gansu care support and clear requirements for the work of our province into strength and specific of pioneering spirit, fully recognize our province has entered the phase superposition of golden development, policy and struggling to cross open practice, further to confirm the faith of build a well-off society in an all-round way on time, with the spirit of "people I ten" gansu and promising, strive to overcome the well-off realization degree low, restricting factors, the depth of poverty more prominent contradictions and difficulties, efforts to work together with the national construction a well-off society in an all-round way, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation contribute "China dream". LiuWeiPing says, to further improve the effective of our measures, maintain with the goal to build a well-off society in an all-round way, focus on the way to adjust structure, promote scientific and technological progress, develop modern agriculture and speeding up poverty alleviation and development, strengthen ecological environment protection, and ensuring and improving people's livelihood, strengthen social management and innovation, and change work style, with transformation across people, xing (actual results, caring of the return of the CPC central committee and the provincial people's expectations.

Author yjosev22
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#9 · Posted: 28 Mar 2013 07:38 
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Author lyvkkd48
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#10 · Posted: 30 Mar 2013 08:50 
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