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If you know, what miniBB and this website are about, right away you may continue to the Demo, skipping the stuff below.

If you'd like to ask a question, purchase an add-on, and get any kind of support for a miniBB-based forum, please visit the official website, forum or store. Please do not post important questions here, on this forum - most likely they will be never get answered!

Where are you?

You have entered the test area for the miniBB forum software, which is installed in default version 3.6.1. No additional core modifications made - everything you see here could be compiled without knowing programming a lot with the help of the extra free and premium add-ons miniBB provides. miniBB is PHP-based app for attaching an easy, fast and effective community to your own webpage or domain. It's an ideal tool for a simple board with the only forum functions required for anyone. You may fully adjust it to your webpage's layout and synchronize with your website's membership.

What to try out here?

You can click any buttons here, post any messages, create any topics, flood it, spam it, hack it - just try it out. Just keep in mind that spamming is unuseful waste of resources here, because all pages have NOINDEX meta tag and they would not appear in search engines, so your links posted has no meaning because they won't be indexed.

We are so proud to present a highly secured miniBB that we will give you even admin access to our demo forums. Administrator's username is "qwerty" and the password is "12345". But don't try to change them under Profile, because it's impossible in miniBB to change admin's password from the Profile, in general. We also have limited some functions of this account like creating or editing the forums, to prevent an unwanted look of our presentation. These functions won't be limited in default package.

We also have an account for Moderator, such account could be assigned for any forum member to moderate messages or topics - delete them, edit or move. Moderator's username is zxc and the password is 12345. You may browse forums as the Moderator and see which privileges it has in a certain forum, called "Something". It's also restricted to change Moderator's password, but this is a limitation of the demo forums only.

You may sign up your own user's account and see what it means to be a registered user when it's required. This is the only place on WWW where you can provide any incorrect information you are upset to. If you'd like to skip registration, use tester username as login and tester password in lowercase for immediate log-in.

What miniBB add-ons are installed?

miniBB full demo version currently has the following plugins installed as listed below (they are not included in the basic distribution, but may be installed anytime when you feel they could be useful for you);
* plugins which are currently made compatible with the upcoming miniBB 3.3, and available for download, are marked with asterisk;
+ plugins which are currently made compatible with the upcoming miniBB 3.3, but are only still present on this demo version, are marked with the plus sign.

  • Human Authorization (CAPTCHA)
  • File upload and Image Galleries (bundled with Photoswipe) - read file upload rules for which types of files you are allowed to upload here before getting confused
  • Private Messaging
  • Premoderation
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Photo Album
  • Contacts Form *
  • Smilies
  • Avatars
  • Bad words
  • Anti-Guest
  • Who's Online (with Online Status and Hidden modes to test)
  • Most active users in the given month
  • Members List
  • Profiles Checker
  • Merge Topics
  • Signatures
  • Gender
  • Last Member's Visit
  • Time Ago (date format in posts)
  • Custom Rankings
  • Essential Nickname
  • Disclaimer on Registration
  • Direct Email (procedure)
  • Configurable Topic form
  • Check User's IP-s by User ID (determining "trolls") — read above what kind of IPs are saved in the demo database here
  • YouTube code
  • Vimeo code
  • Color Picker
  • Spoiler
  • Bulleted List
  • Strike-through text

* The Contacts form script is configured in the Private messaging mode. Here, it doesn't send emails like in its regular setup. Whatever you type and submit on the Contacts form, is being sent to the PM box of the Moderator's zxc account; use this account to login, as described above, and check what happened with your Contact message. The admin could check all messages from this form under Contacts -> Contacts Admin; there it's also possible to review the administrative features of this add-on.

Testing Languages

On this server, you are also able to test all available language packs for the default miniBB version. Extensions' translations are available only for those packs which were supported by the customers. Sign up new or use an existing member account to log-in, go to the Profile, choose the interface language from the dropdown offered. The board will use generic language from the selected pack, but depending on the availability of this pack for the add-on(s), it won't work absolutely for all features you might see. If you install miniBB, you will be able to fix specific language translations accordingly to your issue. miniBB team does not take responsibility for 3rd party translations.

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy, we are hiding all real IP addresses here. There is one random IP generated for any user once per day. Basing on this IP, you can test "trolls" add-on in action. Really, feel free to post anything and do whatever you want. We bet you'll never find such a place over Internet anywhere else!

Please note that emailing functions are all turned off on this server. Despite of it we are sure they work smoothly if you turn them on in your version of this board software.

You will read more in forums descriptions.

Try it out!

Are you ready? Start here. Else... read more on official miniBB site!