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Now I just pick up'

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#1 · Posted: 12 Mar 2006 00:59 
[imgs]E:\Dokumentumok\_PETRONELLI\picnelli\pigs1.jpg[/imgs]Image up!

Author simmering

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#2 · Posted: 13 Mar 2006 11:15 
<?php <table class="forums"> <tr> <td class="tbTransparent" style="line-height:40px;" valign="top"><a hr
ef=""><img src="
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lletin board and forum software" /><img src="http://minibbtest.virtual" width="136" height="42" border="0" alt="miniBB: fr
ee php bulletin board and forum software" /></a></td><td class="tbTran
sparent" valign="middle" style="text-align:center;">&nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="caption2" colspan="2"><b>&nbsp;- <a href="http://minibbtest">Forums</a> - <a href="http://minibbtest;forum=1&amp;topic=166
#newreply">Reply</a> - <a href="
test.php?action=stats">Statistics</a> - <a href="http://minibbtest.vir">Search</a> <!--- <a href="htt
-->- <a href="
efs">Preferences</a> - <a href="
test.php?mode=logout">Logout</a> -<br />&nbsp;-&nbsp;<a href="http://m">Private Messages<
/a></b></td></tr> </table> <table class="tbTransparent"> <tr><td class="tbTransparent" colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"><
a href="">How to make your own forum? Download m
iniBB for free & get your bulletin board in minutes.</a></td></tr> </table> <br />
I'm a html-freak

Everything miniBB Demo / Everything /
 Now I just pick up'

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