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Test message

Author Me

#1 · Posted: 2 Sep 2006 18:19 
This is only a test message.

Author tester

#2 · Posted: 4 Sep 2006 01:09 

Author asfd

#3 · Posted: 16 Sep 2006 21:46 
something pre

something script

Author asfd

#4 · Posted: 16 Sep 2006 21:47 
// base26 - spacial visualization of 4-letter words // (c) 2004 karsten schmidt / // // this source is heavily commented for educational purposes and // released under the creative commons license (http://creativecommons .org/licenses/by-nc-sa/1.0/) // // thanks to: //   ben fry for inspiration, //   glen murphy and seb cheverel for the fasttext + blur routines  Vocabulary          vocab; VoxelSpace          surface; GUI                 gui; GUIElement[]        bt_filters; FastText            ft_default,ft_caps; Node                rollOverNode;  // background image BImage      bg;  // interface states // used to only execute parts of the main loop and if updates are need ed boolean     updateView=true; boolean     updateVolume=true; boolean     updateRotation=false; boolean     autoRotate=true; boolean     helpRequested=false; boolean     helpActive=false;  float       stepSize=1;          // resolution used for rendering surf ace hull float       isoValue=25;         // threshold value used for surface h ull float       isoExponent=1.25;    // user adjustable iso value offset float       minPotential=150;    // minimum/standard potentials of a n ode/voxel float       basePotential=200; float       xRot=2.88;           // current X rotation float       yRot=-0.64;          // current Y rotation float       currXRot,currYRot;   // temp X,Y rotation float       autoAlpha=0;         // angle used for auto-rotation float       autoRotR=0.1;        // impact of auto-rotation (in radian s) float       centerX=240;         // projection center point float       centerY=396; float       clickX,clickY;       // mouse click position int         typeMask=0x0f;       // word types filter mask float       snapDistance=10;     // node select radius in pixels (for rollover) String[]    usage;               // cache for usage/help text  void setup() {     size(500,600);     rectMode(CORNERS);     // load background image     bg=loadImage("bg.jpg");     // setup user interface elements     GUIElement[] uiItems= new GUIElement[13];     // letter display     uiItems[0]= new ImagePanel("initial",loadImage("alphabet2.gif"),22     0,0,60,60,0xd8,ADD);     // icons     BImage icon=loadImage("icons.gif");     uiItems[1]= new IconButton("help",icon,0,16,16,20,22,SUBSTRACT,ADD     );     uiItems[2]= new IconButton("autoR",icon,1,16,16,40,22,SUBSTRACT,AD     D);     uiItems[3]= new IconButton("resMinus",icon,2,16,16,440,22,SUBSTRAC     T,ADD);     uiItems[4]= new IconButton("resPlus",icon,3,16,16,460,22,SUBSTRACT     ,ADD);     uiItems[5]= new IconButton("isoMinus",icon,2,16,16,380,22,SUBSTRAC     T,ADD);     uiItems[6]= new IconButton("isoPlus",icon,3,16,16,400,22,SUBSTRACT     ,ADD);     // stepper buttons     uiItems[7]= new IncrementorButton("nextIni",1,0,25,300,20,310,40);     uiItems[8]= new IncrementorButton("prevIni",-1,0,25,190,20,200,40)     ;     // filter type toggles     bt_filters= new BitToggleButton[4];     bt_filters[0] = uiItems[9]= new BitToggleButton("filter0",typeMask     ,0,228,570,8,8);     bt_filters[1] = uiItems[10]= new BitToggleButton("filter1",typeMas     k,1,240,570,8,8);     bt_filters[2] = uiItems[11]= new BitToggleButton("filter2",typeMas     k,2,252,570,8,8);     bt_filters[3] = uiItems[12]= new BitToggleButton("filter3",typeMas     k,3,264,570,8,8);     // setup GUI with elements     gui=new GUI(uiItems);     // load fonts     ft_default=new FastText("fffharmony.gif");     ft_caps=new FastText("fffleader_caps2.gif");     // initialize data set     vocab=new Vocabulary("4letters.txt");     // setup 3d volume renderer     surface=new VoxelSpace(26,26,26,24,24,24,17000); }

Author ImCool

Partaker Starter 

#5 · Posted: 16 Sep 2006 23:18 
You are Super Cool

Anything miniBB Demo / Anything /
 Test message

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